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Ephesians - Our Worship, Our Walk, Our War

There are few books that can truly encapsulate the life of a follower of Jesus like Ephesians. Faith, Love, Peace, Unity, Grace - It’s all there. The beautiful thing for us that we often take for granted is that this knowledge is an amazing gift. We get to see how God’s plan is working and has been working since the beginning of time - AND we have been part of that plan since the beginning! (1:4)

This knowledge in itself should prompt us to worship God and give Him honour and credit for all He has done and will do. We can also walk a path free from anxiety and worry because we know that if we are His children then we walk with His Spirit and have nothing to fear! Even in the face of the fierce enemy, we have nothing to fear. 

Ephesians ends with this comfort - that we have the armor of God! Of course the other truth to this is that we are at war against darkness and must stand as soldiers of God. Though war is terrible, the good news is that if we stand together as the Body of Christ with the armor of God on - the victory is sure!

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