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Matthew's True Story

Matthew’s TRUE Story

Jesus is King! Today, that could mean anything. Just like our view of God as father can be interpreted by our experiences with our earthly fathers, our impression of Jesus as ‘King’ is shaped by our earthly view of authority. We begin to see Jesus as a president, prime minister, dictator, Czar, even our bosses can skew our view of Jesus as an authority over our purpose and work. So as we look at Matthew, we start to get the right kind of idea of what it means that Jesus is our king. Last year we walked through the Sermon on The Mount in Matthew 5-7 and saw that Jesus the King is our teacher who teaches as ‘One who has authority’. This is great news when we think about how Jesus is not demanding we do anything that he has not trained us to do, he is a good king who walks with us through life. He is also a king who has turned the social ladder on its side. We read, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This is the kind of King that redefines authority and helps us understand that submitting to his kingship is the freest we will ever be. This year we look at Matthew’s narratives of Jesus to really see what this king is all about taking us up to chapter 12 where Jesus predicts his own death and resurrection (not the kind of vision you would normally equate with a king). Through these narratives we see a King who is not swayed by wealth and power as he is tempted by Satan, who is deeply concerned with people as he heals, who leads by example as he disciples, and who teaches an all out commitment that does not burnout (as you would expect from a demanding king to his subjects) but a burden that is light and a yoke that is ‘easy’!

February 5: John The Baptist, Matthew 3

February 12: The Temptation, Matthew 4:1-11

February 19: The Healing Begins, Matthew 4:12-25 and 8:1-17

February 26: Discipleship? According to Jesus, It’s not what we thought! Matthew 8:18-34

March 5: Sinners and Saints, Matthew 9:1-15

March 12: How a True King Leads - by healing. Matthew 9:16-38

March 19: Proclaiming The Gospel, Matthew 10

March 26: An ‘All Out’ yet ‘Easy’ commitment

April 2: The Sabbath - The King doesn’t work us to the bone!

April 9: The Pharisees Get Wrecked

April 16 (Easter): You Can’t Bury This King - Jesus and Jonah, Matthew 12:38-42

April 23: Demons And Their Buddies, Matthew 12:43-45

April 30: The Royal Family Redefined, Matthew 12:46-50

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