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Rise Above the Clouds: Psalm 4

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I love in verse 3 how David says, "the Lord hears when I call to him". It is such a simple truth yet one I sometimes neglect to really appreciate. It does not say the Lord fixes all the problems when I call to Him or even that He responds when I call to Him. However, it does say that God ALWAYS hears when I call to Him. Knowing that the God of the universe, who is all knowing and all powerful, is listening to me when I cry out to Him, when I share my worries and my fears... in the midst of my confusion and my chaos... the God of the universe HEARS ME.

To be heard by God is an amazing gift. You are not out of God's sight and mind. He is right there with you as you speak to Him. He is totally aware of you, your feelings and your circumstances. He has His ear turned to you, listening to your every word. And He cares. 

As you cry out to God I pray this over you:

I pray that you would truly know that God hears you and He cares. I pray that in the midst of your troubles you would not become angry and turn to sin, but that you would trust in God to take care of all things. I pray that you would turn to God to put joy in your heart no matter the circumstances you find yourself in. And I pray that when evening comes you would lay down and sleep knowing that it is God who makes you dwell in safety. Amen

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