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Rise Above the Clouds: Psalm 3

Psalm 3

The Psalms are so full of emotion and are a great reminder that God is no stranger to the cries of His people.

In this Psalm you can feel David's great angst as he looks at the situation around him and feels despair: "Lord I have so many foes, so many rising against me!" (paraphrased). I'm sure there have been times when each of us have felt a type of despair. Whether it be due to the situations we find ourselves in at work, home or school... in our relationships, financial circumstances or health. Sometimes we may even feel angst and despair for no particular reason! Whatever the case I pray this over you:

May God be a shield about you, may He lift your head up. May you find peace and rest knowing that He will sustain you. May you find courage knowing that He is bigger than any foe and can conquer over all. May you remember that salvation belongs to the Lord and that His blessing is on His people. Amen

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