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What is journaling?

Journaling is a wonderful Christian discipline that can help bring growth and spiritual maturity as you journey with God! As one author has said “It's not a legalistic practice, but a liberating experience!”  What is journaling? It’s a simple three-step process. First, pray. Pray before you start. Ask God to speak to you. Pray in your journal. Write down prayer requests, answered prayer, praise and confession. Second, read the Bible. One of the greatest ways God speaks to us is through Scripture. Scripture records God’s will. In fact, it’s the primary way that God reveals His will to us. Third, write in your journal. Write your prayer requests. Write your praises or confessions down. Write your goals. Write about your current life situation. Jot down a short summary of the passage you just read and then start writing your response to it. Journaling is as simple as pray, read, and write.

Why Journal?

Here are a couple of benefits. Journaling helps us remember what God has said and what God has done. The simple fact is that we forget things. We forget appointments that we haven’t recorded in our phones; we forget birthdays if “facebook” doesn’t remind us; we even forget where we put the car keys. But, more importantly, we forget what God has said and done. Every time God speaks we should respond, whether by prayer, repentance, reflection or action. But how can you respond if you don’t remember it what God has said? That’s where journaling can help. Journaling helps you keep a record of things that God has said so that you can follow His will.

But not only can journaling help you remember what God has said, it can help you remember what God has done. It might be answered prayer. It might be a blessing or even some “failure” that God has used greatly in your life. Whatever it is, if you write it down you can reflect back on it. This will not only help you give thanks to God, it can also build your faith. In the Bible, God often led the Israelites to build memorials to remember something He had done (e.g. Joshua 4:1-7). Like the Israelites, when we remember what God has done, it increases our ability to trust Him. And that helps us grow.