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What is Real?

Series starts September 9 and 10

We are excited to begin our Fall Campaign and hope you will consider joining us! This series is all about discovering what is real in the midst of the mixed messages we receive about church, God, mankind, love, good and evil, family and truth.

To give you an idea of what we will be talking about I'll use the example of teeth: one advancement in the modern world that I believe has been good is hygiene, including dental hygiene. 100 years ago, few people brushed their teeth. The US health department saw this as such a big problem that they issued an official health warning. People's teeth were rotting out of their heads...but didn't think they needed to brush, or even thought that it would help. Now we have advanced toward taking care of our teeth, in that we get braces to straighten them.  We have much less decay because the average person brushes regularly, has their teeth cleaned at the dentist, and uses mouth wash that prevents plaque buildup.  Some of us even floss (I'm working on that habit).  The newest craze is teeth whitening. One method to determine how white your teeth are is to hold up a piece of white paper. You instantly see the difference.

That's what we will seek to do this fall. To compare the truth of God's Word (the white sheet of paper) to the messages and media we see in the world we live in. How true are the messages we listen too: News, Lyrics, Entertainment, etc.? So the goal of this campaign is to see truth and grace clearly by viewing the world 'in-focus', and as a result see how true the Good News of the Gospel really is.

We will be studying this series at our weekend services as well as Tuesday nights, 7PM here at Burnett for our Life Group Together. Life Group Together is a great place to come even if you have never been to a Life Group before. We watch a video, have coffee and desserts and get into table groups to share and/or hear one another's thoughts. Even if you do not know anyone you will feel comfortable as the first night is a mixer where everyone joins an unfamiliar table group. Please join us!