About Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values


Our vision and mission is leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, encouraging them and equipping them to:

Pursue Intimacy With God

Build A Caring Community

Influence Others for Christ


  1. We Value: Passionately Loving God’s Word so that what it says is what we do! 
  2. We Value: Worshipping our Lord so that all that we say, do and think honour our Lord Jesus!
  3. We Value: Transformational Teaching so that life change is ongoing and evident! 
  4. We Value: S.H.A.P.E. based serving so that God’s people are making a powerful difference in the lives of others! 
  5. We Value: Redemptive Relationships so that God’s heart for people becomes our heart for people! 
  6. We Value: Sacrificial Generosity so that God’s resources are shared and needs are met to overflowing! 
  7. We Value: Prayerfully Seeking after God so that our dependence upon God is evident in all we do! 
  8. We Value: Leadership Development so that leaders of today are trained and equipped for the ministry needs of tomorrow!  
  9. We Value: Authentic Relationships so that love, care and support are given at every opportunity! 
  10. We Value: Missions Projects so that our Christian Worldview is expanded and deepened all the while the pain and suffering in our world is lessoned and the love of Jesus is shared.