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Short Term Missions

A Short-Term Mission is a person or group continuing Jesus' mission (Luke 4:18-19; 5:31-31; Matthew 28:19-­20), usually within a short but intense period of time, and sometimes taking place in a cross-cultural context.

There are so many fine, noble reasons to lead your people on short-term mission trips, but the reason at the heart of each mission trip should be because Christ commanded his disciples to be servants, both to each otherand to the world. He commanded the church to make disciples of all nations, in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. When we participate in short-term mission trips, we're doing our part to fulfill those commands.

Short-Term Missions are all about helping people find faith in God. There are countless billions around the globe who do not have a relationship with God or even know this is possible. On a mission trip you and your team will be challenged and stretched through personal and public ministry. Our prayer is that you will see God at work in you and through you, reaching out to the people of the world with love and compassion.

Short-Term Ministry Teams, Prayer Teams, and Work Teams should always go and assist what is already taking place.

We have seen the transforming power of these trips. God uses them to change lives -- both of the people who go and of those whom they serve. The constant comment from participants is how much they grew in their relationship with Christ, how much they learned about community and how challenged they were by the commitment and joy of the people they visited.  A natural result of going on Short-Term Missions is an increased passion for the unbeliever and a realization of God's heart for the world.