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Maximizing Your Influence

We know that no one has more influence on your child than you do.  The average parent has more than ten times the opportunities to discuss spiritual issues in one year than a church leaders does in ten years. 

We believe God has given parents the role of spiritual leaders in their home.  We also believe it is our responsibility to inspire, equip, and love families as they seek to develop a spiritual legacy in their children. We count it a privilege to partner with parents and guardians in guiding children from infancy to adulthood, using God’s word and the power of community!

Our hope is that through our programs and relationships, we can partner with you to teach your kids about faith and character.  We at Burnett are here to back you up, pray for you and with you and serve your child as he or she grows up.  Our weekend children and student ministry leaders help children learn how to apply God’s Word in their lives through carefully designed teaching of the Bible in strategic, age-appropriate ways.  We will give you resources and suggestions that you can do at home during the week with your child.  We can assist you in being intentional while you are doing the simple things like bed time, play time an drive time.  We want to help you maximize the moments that you already have by giving you ways to talk about God during your everyday life. 

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