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The Cornerstone of the Family

A strong marriage will help build a strong family.  We that are married all desire to have a strong marriage but we are realistic to know that there are times when marriages are under attack and are often left to the sidelines as child-rearing takes over.  At Burnett, our goal is to provide avenues for each married couple to experience marriage the way God intended it to be.  Instead of the atmosphere being one of feeling beat up and failing, we want the atmosphere to be one of a journey that we are on together with the desire of taking another step to build a healthy marriage.  There are no perfect marriages for sure, but there are healthy marriages that we can learn from.  So if you feel your marriage is healthy or in trouble, passionate and growing or directionless and stagnant, needing a simple tweaking or a massive overhaul, join us for a marriage journey that will make a difference.  There will be a variety of options for you to join us with.  Some are geared for seminars, or classes while others are geared for mentoring and small group based. Either way there is something for everyone!