Missions Belize

Kent & Marion Fuller


The Fullers minister to the entire Belizean evangelical community. Their role includes soliciting help for theological training, ministry support, small project assistance, compassion outreach and resources. “We hope to assist church leaders continuing to grow strong congregations that will raise up fully functioning followers of Christ.”  

Since 2006 Burnett has been sending teams to Belmopan, Belize to serve and bless the people there.  At Burnett we feel that we have been and are being blessed by God.  Because of that, we are called to be a blessing to all the nations. We love the Belizean people with their diverse culture and we delight in serving them. For these reasons we are excited about continuing on with the opportunity God has given us to let Christ’s love shine in central Belize. Working alongside a local church our teams have had the privilege of helping them build homes, camps and facilities at the church as a way to show and share the good news of Jesus. We believe that it is critical that we send short term teams (one to two weeks of four to fifteen people) to this region until God calls us to stop. This is not only important for the people we are serving but also for the team members that are going.  We have seen much fruit in the hearts of those that have gone.  No one has come back in the same spiritual condition as they left.  Christ seems to do mighty work in Belize and all those that are willing to serve there.

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