Connect Families


UNCHAINED exists to create a place for preteens to Belong, Believe and Build. Our desire is for preteens to find a place of belonging within their ministry as well as the church family as a whole, a place to be spurred on in their belief in God as their Lord and Saviour, and a place where they are equipped to build God’s kingdom. UNCHAINED also seeks to empower parents by providing support and resources targeting preteen discipleship.  

UNCHAINED consists of age targeted lessons during the Sunday morning service (Sundays, 10AM) and a high energy mid-week program (every second Wednesday night from 7PM-9PM) preteens can come with their friends. 

COVID UPDATE FALL 2020: We miss seeing our Gr. 5-7 students and meeting new faces too! We are so excited to be able to offer a number of opportunities for us to connect. Our upcoming events include:


Gr 5-7 Small Group: GIFTED Tuesdays  from 3:30-4:30PM via ZOOM



Inviting Gr 5-7 Students to Serve at Joy Jam Sat Dec 19 - this event is currently on hold


Due to COVID19 we are limited to how many preteens can attend our in-person events, but if we see the demand we will look for ways to increase our number of events.

Our Gr. 5-7 ministry is headed up by our Director of Children's Ministry, Christina Kamlade. Christina and her Gr. 5-7 team would love to see you at an event! Whether you've come to Wednesday night events in the past or this is  your first time attending, you are welcome here. Feel free to invite your friends!