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Give to Grow Initiative

Challenge runs Nov - Jan 7

Send your story to and you might win a $50 giftcard of your choosing!

This winter, we’re focusing on the spiritual habit of knowing and using your gifts to serve God and others, when there are lots of service opportunities available! Parents, we would love for you to sit down with your kids and determine a way to help those in need this winter. Invite your kids into the process of choosing an organization to either donate physical items or monetary donations to. Work with your kids to see what they might be willing to give up in order to give more to others. Afterwards, send a picture and/or a blurb of what your family did to give this season and we will choose a family to receive a $50 gift card of your choice!

Questions to consider with your kids:

Who did Jesus help while here on earth? How did He treat the less fortunate?

Who will you help? Kids, seniors, the homeless...

What need might you meet? Food, warmth, presents...

Do you want your donations to stay close to home or would you consider global initiatives?

Will you go through an organization or get in touch with a local establishment directly to see what needs they might have?