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Daily Update from Pastor David March 20, 2020

Friday, March 20

Update & Prayer Notes

I began my day this morning by reading Psalm 31, and was impressed with how pertinent it was to our current situation. The Psalm is too long to include with this reading, but since this is my last “Daily Update” until Monday, I would encourage you to read the Psalm each day, Friday through Sunday, and highlight your own reflections on how the psalmist, David, expresses what your feeling and your prayers going forward.

The first stanza, (vs. 1-5) encourages us to “seek refuge” in the Lord, because he is our “rock and fortress.” We go to him in times of crisis because his strength will sustain and keep us from the things that would seek to bring us down.

Stanza two, (vs. 6-8) reminds us that we can rejoice and trust in a God who loves us because he knows our circumstances and troubles.

The next few verses (9-13), express the emotions we may experience during this time: distress; frustration; grief; groaning; fatigue; alienation; and fear, to list just a few. When we look around, we can be overwhelmed.

But there’s good news, (vs. 14-18)! And that good news is a person: Yahweh. “The course of my life is in your power” (vs. 15). What we need to do is look into his face and call out to him. As we do we will …

Experience God’s goodness and protection (vs. 19-22). It is-19 not wrong to pray for protection from COVID-19. It doesn’t mean that we won’t get sick, but it demonstrates our trust in him. And it will tune us into the way in which he “wondrously shows his faithful love to us … while under siege (vs. 21).

And it concludes with our word of comfort—CHAZAK!

24Be strong, and let your heart be courageous,

all you who put your hope in the Lord.

God hangs on to us. Whatever we are called to experience, he will be faithful and continues to hold us close.

Catherine of Genoa was sick of the world and desperate to passionately connect with God. Her marriage lay in ruins and she pursued amusements to divert her mind from her wretched circumstance. On this day in 1473, Catherine visited a convent where her sister was a nun. Her sister encouraged her to talk with the convent’s confessor, reputed to be a holy man. While waiting to speak with him, Catherine experienced a ray of divine light that showed her God’s love and her own sin.

Following this incident, she lived a rich spiritual life that she expressed in three books. Her attitude toward self-denial was expressed in these words: “Since I am determined to join myself to God, I find that I am also bound to be the enemy of his enemies. And since I find nothing that is more his enemy than the self that is in me, I am constrained to hate this part of me more than any other.” 


Pastor David Booker

Interim Lead Pastor