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Daily Update from Pastor David Booker April 13, 2020

Monday, April 13

Update & Prayer Notes

When I first began to preach, my sermons were long … 45 or 50 minutes long. I guess over time I find I have less to say! And my series were long. I’d spend a year preaching through the Gospel of John or Book of Acts. Don’t want to miss anything.

Times have changed me. I can still preach too long, but that happens whenever I exceed 35 minutes. (15 minutes when streaming on the internet!) And I like to preach big sections of a book so the average series lasts 6 weeks. The reason is I believe we keep the argument and flow of a book more clearly before us if the book is studied over a shorter period of time. If we need deeper teaching on a section, then let’s make that a mini-series of its own: a six week series on Romans 8, for example.

Not saying I’m right and others are wrong. Just letting you know my preference. So, as we begin a rather long book, The Book of Acts, while we could easily spend a year going through it, I plan to do it in eight weeks. That means I’m counting on you to read sections each week, because eight sermons to cover Acts is tough enough when they are 35 minutes long, but a real challenge when they’re 15 minutes!

So below are two lists. The first is your reading for this week in preparation for Sunday. And on the right is the schedule for the messages in this series.

We’re studying Acts because Christ’s death and resurrection ushered in a new reality. Everything was new. And the church had to adapt with the new reality to take the message of the gospel. Coronavirus has created a new reality for the church of Jesus Christ going forward. So we want to think through the story of the church from that mindset.

                                      Daily Reading                                                                          Sunday Messages

Monday: Acts 1:1-11                                                   Sunday, April 19 — Acts 1:1-11

Tuesday: Acts 1:12-26                                                 Sunday, April 26 — Acts 1:12 – 2:47

Wednesday: Acts 2:1-13                                             Sunday, May   3 —   Acts 3:1 – 6:7

Thursday: Acts 2:14-36                                               Sunday, May 10 — Acts 6:8 – 9:31

Friday: Acts 2:37-47                                                     Sunday, May 17 — Acts 9:32 – 12:24

Weekend: Acts 1:1-11                                                  Sunday, May 24 — Acts 13:1 – 16:5

                                                                                          Sunday, May 31 — Acts 16:6 – 19:20

                                                                                          Sunday, June   7 — Acts 19:21 – 28:31

The Book of Acts is the story of two men: Peter and Paul. Actually, it’s the story of the Holy Spirit birthing the church, but it’s told through the stories of these two men. So the book could easily be divided into two: the book of Peter and the book of Paul. It can also be divided around Acts 1:8. The reason we’re not getting very far the first Sunday is the impact of that verse. It represents the purpose statement of the book. And you could also divide the book into: the church in Jerusalem; the church in Judea; the church in Samaria; the church to the ends of the world.

Let’s pray that our vision for Burnett Fellowship will explode like the story of the Book of Acts.

- Pastor David Booker