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Daily Update from Pastor David Booker April 10, 2020

Good Friday, April 10

Update & Prayer Notes

As I write to you on this Good Friday following the streaming of our Service of the Nails, I am listening to Brahms Requiem. I’m not a great devotee of classical music, but the German Requiem was first performed in its entirety on Good Friday, 1868 in Bremen Cathedral, Germany. Good Friday of that year was also this date: April 10.

Brahms still grieved the loss of his mother and composed this work to consoling the living. So, on this day set aside to remember the death of our Saviour, may it console us: that through his death we have life; that in this time of pandemic he gives hope.

Just this morning I received a video clip that I would like to share with you and call you to prayer. There is a world wide call to pray twice in the next twenty-four hours: 7 pm tonight and 7 am tomorrow morning. If this is observed in our local times around the world, the world will be covered in pray for a 24 hour period.

Watch the video and pray. Try to pray for one hour both times. If that proves difficult, pray each tie till you feel you are done. But let’s unite, not just as the Burnett Fellowship Family, but unite with our brothers and sisters around the world.

“Friday’s here … but Sunday’s coming!”

-Pastor David Booker