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Daily Update from Pastor David April 7, 2020

Tuesday, April 7

Update & Prayer Notes

Mark 14:1-11; Luke 22:1-6

Well it’s been a crazy day! Ever have one of those? I started recording on my phone for the Good Friday service … and the battery died. Of course, I didn’t know it had died until I finished the whole thing.

So I started over, recording again for the service … and the video clip stopped when there was no more storage space on my phone. Again, I didn’t know I had a problem until I was once more through the whole thing. But enough recorded that I noticed the camera was not back far enough and my head was cut off at the eyes. The joys of recording in isolation!

So, I moved the camera back, but now there were fixtures and furniture that first needed to be removed. But I took care of that (mostly), and finally completed the recording.

Now I had to send the file for editing into the rest of the service. But I’d never done that before. So there were texts and e-mails and app downloads and learning curve. Then I found out I’d recorded on the wrong app. So I downloaded the right app (for next time, not to reshoot for a fourth time). Except my visa number, while in the Apple app store system, isn’t being accepted for the app. Well, we’ll figure that out tomorrow!

Now none of that is much of a Lenten reflection. But it does remind me that Lent is a time to chill. To slow down and reflect. To walk with Jesus through his suffering. Notice, Jesus walked. That should be the pace of Lent.

If COVID-19 hasn’t slowed you down, then tonight is a great night to do just that. Tonight there’s a full moon. The biggest and brightest full moon of the entire year. So take an evening stroll and consider the heavens … the work of his hands.


Tomorrow: Prayer Meeting at 8:00 pm

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Easter Sunday Service at 10:00 am

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Record your videos: “HE IS RISEN!”

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