Connect Women's Ministry
A Call to Prayer

A Call To Prayer

Third Wednesday of every month

Time:  8:00-9:00 pm

Phone:  1-669-224-3412

Meeting Code:  477-030-149


You can join for the whole hour, or for a portion, depending on your availability. We encourage the women of Burnett to join us in our monthly teleconference for a time of prayer. A moderator leads the prayer time with the majority of the call being spent with the month’s theme. Individual prayer requests will be prayed for during the last 20 minutes of the prayer call.

Our desire is to grow greatly in our dependence upon God, so much so that in all the decisions we make, we seek after our Lord first and use prayer as a way to hear from God more than Him hearing from us!  Remember ladies, prayer works miracles, moves mountains and ushers in revival (all from your PJ's at home)!



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