Engage Serving Assessments

5. Personality Assessment

It's important not to confuse personality with character. Character is the sum of traits that reflect our values. In addition, be sure that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' temperament and one is no more spiritual than another. We need all kinds of temperaments to balance the church.

This definition suggests that we all are unique - there never has been or ever will be anyone else exactly like you. Even identical twins are different, they have unique fingerprints and even more importantly, different personalities. In addition, when you consider that each of us has a singular set of experiences it makes for infinitely unique individuals.


1.  For each item, select the number (1 through 5) between the two options that you think best describes what you would prefer to do or be.
eg.  I am more comfortable... doing things for people  1  2  3  4  5  being with people

2.  Do not answer according to what you feel is expected by a spouse, family member, employer, etc. 

3.  Select the behavior or perspective that would come naturally to you if you knew there were no restrictions on you, or consequences for your actions. 

4.  We will add the numbers together in each of the two sections and use these two totals later.


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