Engage Serving Assessments

1. Spiritual Gifts Questionaire


This questionnaire is in no way unique. It is based originally upon the Routs Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire, with extensive modifications based upon five other Spiritual Gifts Inventories, some of which are specifically designed for individual local churches. We then reworded and reworked some of the questions and statements to better reflect our ministry focus. So as you can see, Spiritual Gifts Inventories have been used and refined over a considerable length of time.

It is our belief that this is a tool, which can help you to discover your spiritual gift. IT WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS ARE-it is only the beginning of the journey. In our experience, many people are intimidated by the idea of stating what they believe their spiritual gifts may be. However, when confronted with an objective measure such as this inventory, they tend to respond more positively to the concept of identifying their gifts. Some may believe it correctly identifies their area of gifting from God. Others may think it is way off target! That is fine - as long as it helps us to identify what in fact those gifts may be! If it is God's design for the church to operate on the basis of supernatural gifting, then it becomes imperative that we embark upon the voyage of discovering what those gifts are. Then, and only then, will we be able to place people in ministry where they will be most productive, and most fulfilled. We trust that this tool will aid us in our endeavor to do so.

There are a few things we should keep in mind as we use this tool. First, most people have a mix of gifts. They are not simply " one-gift" people, but are a hybrid of many gifts. This makes each of us unique, with a unique cluster of gifts. Second, this is not an exhaustive list of the spiritual gifts. There are gifts, which are not listed, but are undoubtedly from God. It would be impossible to list them all, or even to test for them all. We have, however, listed most of the gifts that we feel are mentioned in Scripture, and which are immediately applicable to our church. Third, some of the gifts mentioned are more " dangerous” than others. That is to say, some of them are more prone to abuse. At Burnett, we do not want to deny their reality or their importance, but we do want them to be used carefully, and in accordance with the guidelines of Scripture. Thus, be aware that there are appropriate and inappropriate ways in which any of the gifts may be used. Please ensure that they are used with humility, for the glory of God alone.

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