About Us What Makes Us Burnett


We are so glad that you are taking the time to learn more about our church. It is hard in just a few internet pages to sum up all that Burnett Fellowship is about, but we have tried to be as succinct as possible to allow you a brief understanding of what we feel makes us unique.

Although Burnett has been around in the Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows community since 1937, we are always trying to remain fresh, relevant and vibrant.   The message that we have has not changed, as it is centred on the very important Word of God, the Bible.  The ways in which we communicate, promote and share this message changes all the time.

We believe our greatest asset is our people. Burnett is made up of all sorts of people just like yourself. We have families that we hold very dear to us and struggle with very much the same pressures of life that everyone does. The difference, however, is the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in our lives. We are all on a spiritual journey that looks a bit different from person to person on lots of levels. We are far from perfect and we hope that as you get to know us that you will see a real authenticity about us. We try not to put on a show for people but willingly admit where we struggle and find tremendous support from our church family. When was the last time you had a struggle or a need and had over 300 people rally around you, not in judgement, but in full support? Exactly!  That is the beauty of Burnett.

Our journey is one of passionately pursuing intimacy with Christ, so that we get to know Him and love Him deeply; building a caring community, so that we can all be a part of something greater than ourselves; and influencing others for Christ, as we share our stories of how this life changing message is making a difference in our lives and how it can make a difference in yours.

We would encourage you to look through this website and see all that makes up our church known as Burnett Fellowship. May we suggest that one step better than just reading through a website is to give us a visit during one of our services? Saturdays at 6:30 pm or Sundays at 10:00 am are our service times and we would love if you would join us. We have some amazing people that we would love you to meet! Who knows...it could be life changing for you and your family!

Pastor Paul and Pastor Todd