Connect Summer Kids' Club 2017

This Year's Program


Pirates and Soldiers lost at sea end up on an unmanned ship that is floating aimlessly in a stormy sea. Taking sides, they fight to gain control in the name of their king.  But fighting keeps the ship sailing aimlessly.  Unless they can work together, their hopes will be dashed in the storm.   Leaving their pasts behind is hard. Together through a series of comedic ship based mishaps, they discover that the King of Hearts has freely given them opportunity to obtain untold treasure and new life regardless of where they have been.     Untold Treasure is a story of God’s wonderful grace and its life altering impact for the   scallywags and buccaneers alike. Students will learn  through pirate tales that God’s grace is planned, free, overcoming, outrageous and   forever.  God’s grace is the treasure we cannot take... but must receive to have new life.

We invite you to be part of our SKC 2017 team on July 17 - 21.  Bring your friends and together we will enjoy amazing dramas, fun games, delicious food and great team challenges that have made our SKC a week to remember.  Embark on an epic journey with over 300 kids this summer. 

Summer Kids' Club ...  Children entering Kindergarten through Grade 7 in September 2017

12:30-2:30pm for the Kindergarten Scallywags

4:30 to 7:30 for the Gr. 1-7 Buccaneers.