Connect Summer Kids' Club 2017

Welcome to SKC 2017


Summer Kids' Club 2017      July  17 - 21
Registration is May 5 through July 2

Pirates of the Caribbean... Untold Treasure

12:30-2:30 pm for the kindergarten Scallywags

4:30 to 7:30 pm for the Gr. 1-7 Buccaneers

Cost is $30 for those going into Kindergarten and $40 per child for those going into Grade 1 - 7.  There is a family maximum of $120

This year our theme is "Pirates of the Caribbean... Untold Treasure".   We are busy planning and preparing to make this a great week for the kids. 

Ship Ahoy Mateys! 

Are you ready for another high sea adventure?  Every year we try to make Summer Kid’s Club a fun and exciting opportunity for you and your family. 

This year we are trying something new!  We are creating a new program that is geared for those going into Kindergarten in September 2017.  This is a gradual entry-level system where kids going into kindergarten get to explore Summer Kids’ Club on their own from 12:30 to 2:30 pm each day. 

During this time they will have the opportunity to participate in the large group Open Session, singing songs and hearing a story.  They will then split into two groups where they have a time of purposeful play, make a pirate craft and eat a pirate snack.  At the end of their time they will get to play group games in the gym or outside in the playground.  We will then wind-up our end session with more singing and fun games in the auditorium.  The cost for the kindergarten Scallywags will be $30 for the whole week. 

The older kids going into Grade 1 - 7 in September will experience the same action packed week as in the past each day from 4:30 - 7:30 pm.  We have planned a great program with tons of singing, challenging games, Thursday Pool Party, amazing dinner from the galley, and smaller groups sessions. 


Join our crew and have a blimey adventure at Pirates of the Caribbean: Untold Treasure from July 17-21. 

The cost this year will be $30 each for the week for those in the Kindergarten program (includes a snack each day). 

The cost for those in the Grade 1 through 7 program will be $40 each (this includes dinner each day).

There will be a family maximum of $120. 

 Kids T-shirts can be ordered (prepaid orders)  for $10.00 each (optional).  

 Registration forms are available from the church office, or you can register on-line.