Global Impact Refugee Support

Refugee Support

Did you know that the United Nations reports that there are currently 65 million people around the world that have been forced to leave their homes, jobs and their countries?  That’s twice the population of Canada!

At Burnett we have been given an opportunity to help one family start a new life in Canada.  

We have a mom, Tamarah and a dad, Ali with two kids. A boy age 12 and a girl age 11 originally from Iraq. Ali owned a spare parts store and Tamarah was a clerk at a university. Both parents have university educations, but the family’s lives have been in danger since conflicts escalated in Iraq in 2003. They eventually had to flee their home in 2007 and since then (9 years) the family have been living as refugees unable to return to their home or country.

Sponsoring a refugee family is a long process. We hope to see the family early in 2017. 

We have had several fund raising events throughout 2016 to raise the initial amount, a minimum of $27,000 for the first year.  With the cost of housing being so high, we knew that this amount would not be enough and we are grateful for the many generous donations as we have now exceeded the initial amount.    Currently this sponsorship is a one-year investment, but we recognize that the needs of the family may extend beyond that. 

We will continually update you with regards to fundraising events and opportunities that we can all be involved in.