Media Weekly Sermon Series
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When a friend comes up to me and asks me, 'Hey, guess what!?!' I know they are excited to share something with me.  Sometimes it's news, a funny story or an announcement like: 'I'm pregnant!' OR 'I got a new job!'.  As believers in Jesus, we have news to share too and it is even more exciting than news we can't wait to share with our friends that is new news.  The Good News of Jesus isn't new which is why I think many of us don't treat it with the same excitement as a new announcement - but we are called to declare it because it is new to others.  Or if it isn't, maybe our friends will truly hear it for the first time - this time.  So what is the story?  What did Jesus do for us?  Are you able to tell others in a clear and powerful way?  That's what the 'RE.Series' is all about.  Jesus rescued us, restored us, renewed us, redeemed us and repaired us!


RESCUED (Sept. 8 & 9, 2018)

Jesus rescued us from death.  We all eventually die, but Jesus has rescued us from death by giving us new - eternal life that goes beyond the short life we have here on earth.

Passages: Ps. 35:10, Ps. 140:1, 2 Timothy 3:11, Gal. 1:4, Rom. 8:38-39, Rom. 10:9


RENEWED (Sept. 15 & 16, 2018)

As a result of sin, death and decay have prevailed in this world making it necessary to be made new again.  This is the result of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  He makes the old, new.  New in our soul, our being, new in our way of life and in our hearts.  Like old cloths being shed for new ones.

Passages: Rom. 12:2, Titus 3:5, Acts 3:19


RESTORED (Sept. 22 & 23, 2018)

The way we were before, in the Garden of Eden was good and right.  We had a place of authority over the earth and under God.  We had a relationship with our creator and a sure place in His kingdom.  Jesus brings this relationship and position back.  He restores us to our original created state of being.  It is such an awesome thing to think that after so much heart ache, grief and loss, Jesus restores our place at His table!

Passages: Ps. 23, Lam. 5:21, Rom. 3:12, II Cor. 5:17


REDEEMED (Sept. 29 & 30, 2018)

Redeemed means 'purchased back' and this is what Jesus did when he gave his life for us - he paid the price for our sins.  He purchased us back so we now belong to our rightful owners - not just as His positions but as His children!

Passages: Eph. 1:7, Is 44:22, John 10:10, Gal. 3:13


REPAIRED (Oct. 6 & 7, 2018)

I have a friend who can fix anything.  You can bring something to him that others will say 'not worth it', but he will take it and make it work again.  This is also something Jesus has done for us.  We were broken and he has repaired us and made us to function once again the way we are made - for His glory and purpose!

Passages: Matt. 9:16-17, Mark 2:21, Acts 15:16