Community Australia

Melisa Birch


My vision/calling in missions:

To be a missionary outside of my home country and to do that in the area of health a tool to bring the love of Jesus, to see people saved. I love the nations and am passionate about using health care and health education to see the poor and the neglected empowered, healed, and raised out of poverty by the practical love of Jesus. I have a heart for the people and nations of East Africa but love all nations. I desire to be used to bring beauty and hope out of places of ashes. Midwifery and seeing woman valued is a part of my heartbeat in missions. I don't know how all of this will fit together exactly for the future but I know God will show me each step in His perfect timing and for now I hold onto what I do know (what He has already spoken or shown me) and seek Him for more vision/understanding. And God has been speaking to me about preparing me for something greater and that I just need to trust Him. So I am trying to do this!

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