Connect Life Groups

Life Group Together Jan 2018

Our LifeGroup Ministry here at Burnett has a strong heritage.  There are many great groups that meet on a regular basis.  We believe that God desires us to strengthen this ministry even more with a structure and process that will ensure great impact and life change. 

We would like to see our calendar year divided into three sections with each section having a specific focus that is then carried throughout that longer section.  The three key months would be January, May and September where on these months everyone would meet on Tuesdays at the church. The evening would consist of a time of worship and teaching, dessert and fellowship and then move into small group time around tables.  The Lifecycles of January to April is focused on Renew; May to August is focused on Refresh; September to December is Reach. The months that follow each key month have attenders going back into homes for regular LifeGroup experience.  

This new LifeCycle is one that we believe will enhance our momentum and provide some of the structure that will allow for great discipleship to take place and more lives to be transformed.  Our next LifeCycle time together start Tuesday, Jan 9th at 7:00 pm where we will work through the study “Forgotten God”.   Join us at 6:30pm for pizza dinner if you are able.  As well Pastor Todd will begin a new series “The Big Picture” during the weekend services starting Jan 6/7 weekend.  It is a great series to begin this new cycle.  Please join us in prayer as to how each of us can participate and see our walk with God strengthened and deepened.  

Please join us Tuesdays starting Jan 9th at 7:00 pm (or 6:30pm for pizza dinner)