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This Is Where You Can Help

This is where you can help...

This is a huge undertaking, and there are many ways that you can help.

Pray… join with us and pray faithfully for the family and those who will be working with them

Fundraising Opportunities… We will be having several fund raising events throughout the year, the first one being a Car Boot Sale on the 20th August at the church. All proceeds for this event will go to helping the family settle in Canada.

Donate Items… as the time gets closer as to when the family arrives, we will be needing donations of household items, resources to possibly fix up the home, etc. We will have a list of things that will be needed once we have a date when the family will arrive.

Volunteer Time… there will be many opportunities where we will ask for volunteer help… such as the CarBoot Sale and fundraisers as well as volunteers to help with setting up the home. As new arrivals they will need everything from climate-appropriate clothing to ESL classes to assistance with grocery shopping and visits to the doctor… etc.

We will give continual updates about the various ways to be involved. We are excited by the opportunity to turn outward and support a family of newcomers financially and socially as they begin their new life in Canada.