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SKC 2019

SKC - Frequently Asked Questions

1. With so many kids on Campus - what safety measures are taken?

This is one of the most asked and most important questions for us. More than anything we want to put families at ease that when they drop off their children - they will be kept safe and will be there when they are picked up.

We have a multifaceted safety - security system in place.

All staff and volunteers have gone through a criminal records check.

Each child is given a family ID # that acts as their personal security number. This number is written on their wristband, nametag and on the parents Security Card. This security card MUST be shown to leaders and exit staff upon leaving with your child. If a parent forgets this security card, we have a back up password and security verification check before the child is released.

All visitors and parents will need prior clearance and a special visitors tag to remain on campus during the program.

We have a minimum of 2 leaders per team with a leader - child ratio of 1-7 and no more than 1-10 for older groups.

We have an on site First Aid Attendant or Registered Nurse during the entire week.

Red Allergy alert tags for those with significant allergies are given for children to wear to alert us to allergies.


2. What exactly will my child be learning during the program?

Each day the child will work through 3 - 4 stations within the three hour program. These stations are Open Session where the child does singing; large group activities; Spin the Wheel; prizes and challenges. The Story consists of dramas that help bring out a point or lesson from the Bible that can be applied in everyday life. The next station is Games where children are encouraged by our staff to let loose and have a lot of fun. Station 3 is Team Challenges where each team competes against other teams doing projects, puzzles and a variety of other challenges. And lastly, Small Group, is where each team finds a space of their own and go through a work book, answer questions that relate to the story and build relationships with other kids and their leaders.


3. What kind of attention is given to medical and allergy concerns?

If a child is identified as having a serious allergy, they will receive a red wristband in addition to their regular team wristband. The allergy is then listed on the wristband as well as on the leaders team sheets. This alerts us as a staff to do continual checks to ensure your child's health is not compromised. Allergy alert signs will be posted each day at the entrance to alert parents of the day's allergy concerns.


4. Where do you find your staff and what training do they have?

Most of our leaders and department staff come from members of our congregation that are willing to give of their time to ensure your child has the best week of their summer. We also allow opportunity for community parents to volunteer in a support role in the program. All staff and volunteers go through a security screening and Criminal Records Check.

All of the staff go through a leadership manual that provides the basis for their training. We cover topics such as group relations, team building, emergency procedures for earthquakes, fire etc.


5. Are my kids allowed to invite their friends and will they be allowed to be in the same group?

By all means we encourage kids to invite their friends during the registration process. In the past we have done everything we could to ensure kids could be in the same group as their friends. With hundreds of kids, we have to limit these to only one request per child (as long as the child is in the same age grouping as their friend). These requests must be made at time of registration and indicated in the appropriate spot on the registration form. We do our best to accommodate these requests but sometimes it is impossible.


6. What is the leader/child ratio?

We work very hard to hold to a 1-7 ratio for the younger age groups and to a 1-10 for the older groups.


7. Why would a church spend so much time and effort doing a program like this for the community?

We get very excited about doing things for our community. We see churches as a vital part of a community and an integral part of this is providing what we can to assist the community is some way. Our children's programming is geared to reach out to the kids of the community and provide opportunity to care for them, teach them, allow them another place where they can be a kid and have fun doing it. We take this commitment to heart for all our large community events.


8. Why can't you accept registrations after the deadline date - just one more?

We have set the deadline of registration as far into the summer as we possibly can. Yet after this deadline comes a flurry of activity to get ready for this kids that have registered. We have a mountain of administrative details to take care of from nametags, security cards, group assignments etc. By adding just one more, we add an enormous amount of work to our volunteer staff. One way to avoid disappointment is to be sure to register early.


9. Why do you do the Community Support Features in your program such as Toonie Tuesday and Food Bank Friday?

Again, we see our church as an integral part of our community. We firmly believe in teaching kids to look past themselves and their wants, to others around them that might need a helping hand. That is why to date; we have raised over $5000 for children of famine stricken parts of the world as well as BC Children's Hospital. The kids of our program have also been able to provide some much needed food for our local food bank. It is a way to give back to our community and teach the kids the value of our global family.